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Who's Nik

Nikolaus Graf is German music composer and producer. 
He released his first commercialized song „Campana“ with Sophie Berner in 2010. 
Nikolaus Graf was born in Füssen, Germany in 1983. 
Graf grew up in a time when Post Punk and New Wave became very popular. As a child, he began to play the piano. As a teenager he used to be a Punk and HipHop DJ. He started to produce and write music with the age of 17.
He learnt the art of contemporary music production as student and assistance of international known composer and musical director Mehmet C. Yeşilçay.
After his education Nikolaus Graf worked as Project Manager for Lou Bega's producer
Goar B. (Multi-Platinum, Mambo No. 5)
Currently Nik is working on film music and different band projects.
In 2018 he composed the original score and the theme music for the „Das Institut – Oase des Scheiterns“
(Award winning german workplace-sitcom)



8+ years Project Management skills
8+ years Social Media skills
10+ years MusicBusiness skills
10+ years Analog and digital recording, editing and mixing
10+ years experience withLogic & Cubase
3+ years Professional Mastering Experience
10+ years of composing music

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